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5 New Instagram Stories Features you may have missed

5 New Instagram Stories Features you may have missed

Instagram is on the success this year, reaching up to 400 million daily active users on  Your Stories and 1 billion monthly active users overall. It’s one the fastest-growing social platform and expected to reach up to 930 million users by the end of 2021.

Instagram is also releasing new features at a rapid speed. We wouldn’t be surprised if you missed a few of them.

Here are important features you may have missed:

  1. Recommended Posts:-

Instagram began testing its new feature “Recommended posts” in the Feed as a new way for users to discover relevant content. Users see these recommended posts after they all caught up on the accounts they follow, giving them an opportunity to develop new brands and users.


  1. Shoppable Tags in Stories:-

Instagram introduces new features in the field of social e-commerce by bringing its famous brand shoppable tags from the main Feed to Stories. Now, brands can add click-to-shoppable tags to their Stories content to offer these interested shoppers more information about their products and drive sales.


3. Sticker Questions:

With its new feature “Sticker Questions” in Instagram Stories, the platform introduced another way for users to interact with their audiences. The sticker allows you to pose questions to the accounts they follow, providing new opportunities for brands engagement and increase transparency among their followers.

4.@Mention Sharing in Stories:-

Instagram now lets users add content that @mentions them to their own Stories as a sticker that tags the original creator. This ability to re-share Stories is especially useful for brands, providing opportunities to gather user-generated-content or facilitate influencer partnerships.

5. Tools to Manage Usage:-

On Instagram, users can tap “Your Activity” to view stats about their average time spent on the app, as well as mute push notifications and set a daily reminder about their ideal time limit. As social media users become increasingly wary of spending too much time on platforms, these tools aim to help people feel more positive about their usage and the platforms themselves.

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