How to Setup an Instagram DM Workflow?

How to Setup an Instagram DM Workflow

Are you thinking on how to manage your Instagram direct messages (DMs) you receive from Clients or companies? Want to use Instagram DMs to connect with followers and customers?

Here are the 4 Steps you can follow to make your Instagram DM Workflow:-

1: To Determine the Tone for Instagram DM Replies:

  • Many people think that a brand’s impact happens during a customer’s conversation with a business, but it’s the leftover feeling people came with that which defines your brand on Instagram.
  • It’s important to talk with your team members about how you want people to feel after they’ve had interactions with your customer executive or on the helpline
  • If you’re going to leave customers with an impression, you could direct them to an email address or contact number to continue a conversation formally.
  • If you want people to connect with your brand, you might answer a customer question with emojis, GIFs, or some playful chit-chat.
  • Ensure that everyone who handles your Instagram DMs knows and understands the impression you want to leave.

For Eg:- Here’s what we have plastered on a poster in our office: “Imagine you’re sitting at a rooftop bar at dusk having a cocktail and a giggle with your best friend. You’re explaining how to use Instagram under a tree covered in fairy lights. You’re encouraging, quirky, thoughtful and helpful, and not very conventional teacher.”

If you’ve already been on Instagram for a while, revisiting the basics can reset you for stronger success with DMs


2: Establish an Instagram DM Workflow:-

If you have a smaller team of, you can try some options to share your Instagram inbox. For example:

  • One team member can cover weekdays, and other team members include the weekend part.
  • Split the week workflow into half and have each team member manage one day of the week.
  • Assign days of the week to different team members to manage all Instagram DMs workflow.

As your organization, team, and DMs grow, you’ll need to implement a scheduled workflow to manage your inbox. Another tactic is to use Instagram’s flag system.

Here’s how you can use a flag system for your Instagram DMs


3: Set a Service Level Agreement Time:-

Social media is becoming a world of instant changing in the world of technology.

It’s difficult for your business to have a service level agreement and stick to it. It should not more than 6-10 hours to respond to a DM on Instagram. Sometimes it may depend on how quickly you react to the type of request or workflow of clients on Instagram.

If a user is ready to buy your product but needs to ask a quick question first, it’s best to respond quickly to the replies. However, if a user issue that hasn’t been resolved, getting to it within a reasonable period which reduces your risk of bad reviews. It also gives you the chance to turn the experience around and create a loyal fan.


4: Curate Ready-to-Use Reply Template:-

Once your team member understands their responsibility in managing your Instagram DMs by curating ready to use reply template, you need to give some tools to do their job as quickly as possible.

Instagram DM toolkit which includes:-

  • Brand Quotes
  • GIFs
  • Brand Emojis
  • Quick Replies

What do you think? What’s your Instagram DM management style? Do you have any techniques to add to this list? Share your views

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