Social Media Careers and Recruiting

Social Media Careers and Recruiting
Social Media Careers and Recruiting

The social media marketing industry is booming nowadays. In Todays Digital Era, Brands are more active on social media than on physical space. They’re interacting with customers, sharing images from events, promoting their latest products and everything in between. As a result, many brands are expanding their social media departments. Individual is trying to further your career; you can benefit from this collection of articles. Whether you’re a company looking to grow your team or an

Understanding Social Media Roles:

Social media marketing didn’t even exist just 10 years ago, but now is one of the hottest career paths in marketing. There are several roles you can pursue depending on your skills and passions. If you’re considering a career in social media, these articles will help give you better insights into what path to take.

Social Media Managers vs. Community Managers

Contrary to popular belief, social media and community managers are not the same they have different roles and responsibilities. Check out this post to learn more about the role each position plays within an organization thing. While both engage with a brand’s audience and customers.

Social Media Managers vs. Community Managers             

Contrary to popular belief, social media and community managers are not the same thing. While both engage with a brand’s audience and customers, they have different roles and responsibilities. Check out this post to learn more about the role each position plays within an organization.

Social Media Manager Salaries:-

While salary can vary depending on experience, location, and the business, it’s always nice to get a basic industry pay structure for how much social media managers paid. Whether you want to know the average salary for social media managers or you’re trying to figure out how much to pay a new hire, this post will fill you in on everything you need to know.

Which Type of Social Media Manager Are You?

Not all social media managers approach the role the same. Depending on their skill set, experiences, and marketing style, their approaches may be different.

Here’s a look at seven different types of social media managers. Which one are you?

  1. The SEO-Minded Social Media Manager:-

Most companies specifically ask for someone with experience or knowledge of Search Engine Optimization skills within the job description. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a lot of people in these positions used to work in SEO. Social media and SEO are closely tied together, and the work is done for one usually impacts the other on some level. For example, if your SEO strategy includes outreach marketing, you’ll probably be doing some connecting on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You’ll notice the use of specific keywords when an SEO-minded manager tweets.

The SEO-minded social media manager has the goals of using social media as a part of a more important strategy. They look to connect with other people on social media as a way to earn links, get a guest post or another content opportunity.

Some signs of an SEO-minded manager are:

  • You view social media as a means to an end
  • You’re an analytical thinker
  • You make decisions based on data and trends


  1. The Advertising Social Media Manager:-

The advertising social media manager has a lot of potentials, but at the same time, they could ruin your social media presence if you’re not careful. This type of manager heavily focused on creating and executing campaigns through social media instead of merely using it as a tool to keep in touch or share blog posts.


Some of the most common signs that you may find in advertising social media manager are:

  • Almost everything is done on social media they find it is a part of a specific campaign
  • Your instinct is to promote on social media

You’re always thinking of creative ways to use social media within    your business

  1. The Social Butterfly Social Media Manager:-

Unlike other social media managers, the social butterfly social media manager more than likely hasn’t worked in marketing individually. They tend to be younger social media manager and always grow up using social media for personal use. They may have already had somewhat of a following on their social media accounts, and now they’re looking to use what they know about business.

Social butterfly social media managers spend a significant amount of time to reply to other people; even they are not tagged on social media.

They love the practical aspect of social media, and they tend to have a bit of a different and fresh perspective on social media marketing since they’ve primarily used it as a consumer.

Some of the signs of a social butterfly social media manager are:

  • You’ve built up a large following on your social media accounts
  • You’re always the first to try new social networks
  • You understand the unique differences of how each social network is used.


Hiring Social Media Talent:-

Hiring for a field that didn’t exist 10 years ago can be an exciting and a new experience for hiring managers. As such a new career field, it can be difficult to know what to look for or how to recruit top talent for social media marketing positions. Use these articles to guide your hiring process.


Writing Job Descriptions for Social Media Managers:–    

A social media manager is typically one of the first hires companies make when trying to build a social media team. But since the role of social media manager can be somewhat broad, you have to be mindful of what you put in the job description. Check out this article to make sure you’re attracting the right applicants.


Try Facebook Ads:-

While most of the ads you see on Facebook promote products, events or content, some brands are getting creative and using Facebook Ads to find social media hires. If you’re looking to break free of traditional hiring tactics, follow this guide to learn how to attract top talent with Facebook Ads.


Improving Your Social Media Skills 

As a social media marketer, there are always new things to learn. Whether it’s mastering a new platform, keeping up with industry news or just improving your overall marketing skills, you can ever grow.


Here are some skills to become a better social media marketer:-

  1. Community Management
  2. Creative in Nature
  3. Organized & Efficient
  4. Adaptive
  5. Copywriting
  6. Sales & Customer Service
  7. Strategic
  8. Decisive
  9. Analytical & SEO Driven

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