Ways to increase your Facebook engagement

Ways to increase your Facebook engagement
Ways to increase your Facebook engagement

Are you tired of your facebook post falling flat?

Are you looking for ways to increase your engagement on facebook?

Would it be right for your business to attract your client through facebook engagement?

This post will walk you through ways to send your Facebook engagement on the rooftop:-

  1. Post Less:-
  • If you post less, your post reach and engagement grew up three times.
  • For Facebook Engagement, focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • If you can maintain the quality of your content while posting many times a day, it is not necessary to change your strategic plan.
  • Many other readers post more than ten times a day to their Facebook Page and have found great success.
  1. Post When Your fans are online:- 
  • We thought that there is the best time to post on Facebook is afternoon. But not anymore.
  • We now believe that every brand or company has its own best time to post on facebook.
  • The best time to post depends on several factors are:-
  1. What industry are you into?
  2. Where is your audience based?
  3. At what time your followers use Facebook for use?
  1. Create specifically for Facebook:- 
  • What works on Instagram or Twitter might not always work on Facebook.
  • For example, hashtags are great on Instagram and GIFs are great on Twitter but both less so on Facebook.
  1. 4. Try videos instead of Image:-
  • If you’re thinking how to design your Facebook posts on the page, we think you should try videos instead of the image.
  • In 2018 we have seen this year, videos perform best on Facebook regarding reach and engagement.
  1. Boost your top posts:-
  • If you have a budget for the Facebook campaign, consider boosting your top-performing posts.
  • Your top-performing posts are proven content — content that is determined to engage your audience.
  • It makes them suitable for a boost. With the right ad targeting, these posts would continue to hire more people, reach even more people.
  1. Recycle your top posts:-
  • Besides boosting your top posts, you can also recycle them.
  • This will help you get more value out of your content.
  • When you re-post a piece of high-quality material, it can often generate as much reach and engagement as the original post (sometimes, more) — essentially doubling the value of that content. 

So these are some ways to engage your audience on Facebook.

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