Gmail – A New Brand Makeover by Google

Gmail – A New Brand Makeover by Google
Gmail – A New Brand Makeover by Google

Gmail which is your ‘ favorite inbox’ is set to get a new brand makeover. Google is planning to introduce some significant changes for Gmail users. The new changes in Gmail for Web revealed by Google to a team of G Suite.The changes will also be appearing in the consumer version of the Gmail. It will give a fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web.

The new Gmail will allow users to choose from three layouts — Default, which will show the kind of attachment included in an email; Comfortable, which doesn’t have quite as much detail and only uses the paperclip to display an attachment; and Compact, which is like Comfortable but with less vertical whitespace.


Here are five changes set to be coming soon in Gmail:-

  1. Easy access to apps like Calendar from inside Gmail:-
  • Google will be making it easier for Gmail users across the world to access apps without leaving the mail.
  • The search giant is also helping to make accessing G Suite apps easier.
  1. Smart Replies:-
  • Soon, Gmail users will not have to type all the replies, especially the obvious ones like ‘Thank You,’ ‘Let’s go’ or similar phrases in emails as Gmail will be suggesting these pre-typed replies.
  • This feature is already available in Google’s Inbox.
  1. Users can snooze emails:-
  • Gmail users are also likely to get an option to snooze emails.
  • It means that they will be able to snooze an email so that it pops up in your Gmail inbox at a specified time.
  1. Offline support By Gmail:-
  • Gmail is finally ready to support offline mode for web users.
  • The particular feature is expected to arrive by June this year.
  1. Gmail New user interface:-
  • Google will also be rolling out a significant design change in its Gmail for the web version for consumers
  • The UI of Gmail is supposed to become more attractive with the use of more colors and less cluttered look.

However, Gmail will get a fresh look for G-Suite consumers all across the world.

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