Guidelines for using others Video on your YouTube Channel.

Youtube is a huge platform nowadays to earn money. People are using it as a full time earning resource. Many people think to do the same but does not have a content that gets popular. So they start to copying others video and upload it on their channel. Is it the right thing to do? Can people earn money using others content? Let’s go through the guidelines of youtube for uploading others videos.


  • YouTube allows video owners to choose an option that makes their video copyright free and anyone can take it and use it as they wish. It is called creative commons.
  • You can filter your youtube search and get videos that are tagged as a creative commons. Which allows Reuse. You can do editing and modification in the video, and after that, you can upload it on your channel. You need to give specific keywords and description according to the subject of the video.


But at the other side youtube, creative common does not have that much content. So you get a limited amount of videos on adding this filter.


So the Question arises in mind that Can I download and edit any video of youtube to upload in my channel?

  • No/Yes

Yes until you are not hurting the original poster.

No, if it’s the other way round.

  • Examples:

A person creates a template of any app or anything after sweating himself/herself; you download, do some measly edits and re-upload… Boom your video gets reported by him/her.

  • In some cases, especially songs have too much hassle for copyrights. Please credit them to lower possibility of copyright strike (No guarantee still you CAN get strike if the composer wishes )
  • If you’re entirely changing meaning of assets for other entertainment purposes, though be patented song/movie scene,  you wouldn’t get Strike


  • There are endless scenarios, Depends on whether its copyrighted, educational, popularity of original channel, type of video, etc


Here are Some Tips for editing and Uploading Others Video


1- Crop the video. Edit the color of the video for e.g. saturation, contrast, RGB curves.

2- Insert your video inside an image by resizing it.

3- Add a black screen after 30 seconds.

4- Mute the volume for 1 second for every 15 seconds

5- Add a watermark

6- Add a video filter and add additional sounds.

You can put different audio in the video or speed up video little bit by 5% or so. Add your intro at starting or zoom video little bit.

So, this manipulation can bypass YouTube algorithm but still if any owner of video come to know about it. You may get strike. And Three continuous strike, your channel will shut down.

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