How to make personalized theme movies using Google Photos?

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Google’s been creating around with its “Movie Concepts” montages in Google Photos for a year. In that time the app has come up with themed design videos related to animals, smiles, holidays, festivals and more. But that’s all are the automatic process which entirely outside our control, with some people not even seeing these types of videos. And by all that changes today, Google has now given us the ability to make our themed movies in Google Photos.

The new update is now extended out to Google Photos’ iOS, Android and web apps. Here’s how to use it:-


Here are the Steps to Create Themed Movie on Google Photos:-

  • For starters, make sure you have the latest version of Google Photos (iOS/Android) installed on your phone.
  • Movie themes can access on the web in case you don’t want to update. In addition to that, do note that all your pictures and videos need to sync with Google Photos.
  • To get started, first go to the Assistant tab that located on the left side.
  • Then, Click on the green movie icon to select different themes.
  • Click “Get Started ” from the pop-up button.
  • Next, depending on the theme you chose, you will be either notified as soon as the clip is ready or asked to pick a protagonist.
  • For instance, if you select “They Grow up so Fast,” the app will ask you to choose a child. However, movies with themes like the “Smiles of 2017” will be automatically generated.
  • Once Google Photos started creating your themed movie, it will send you a notification, by tapping on which it will take you to the editing page.
  • Here, you can alter the background music, exclude or include more shots, filters and add a title. Once done, hit the save button for exporting it to your library.

Quite simple and straightforward, isn’t it? And true to Google Photos’ reputation, it mostly works like magic. That’s it for this quick guide to design your personalized them using google photos.

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