Ways to repurpose your popular social media posts

Ways to repurpose your popular

Want to get more out of your social media content? By repurposing popular posts and content on one platform for use on another, you can give your followers more of what they want.

With the right tools, finding your most popular posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is easier than you might think:-

  1. Pin a Top Instagram Photo on Pinterest:-
  • Whether you added a sweet quote to a beautiful scenic image or simply took a shot of your cluttered office and the picture went viral, turning it into a pin is an easy way to gain extra traffic.
  • First upload the photo to a relevant page on your website.
  • Then log into Pinterest, go to your profile, and click Pins > Save Pin. You can either put in the URL or upload your own image.
  • After you pin your image, edit the description.
  • Make it catchy and point it back to the page hosting the image on your website.
  • Then post the pin to a relevant board and tell your followers about it.


  1. Repurpose Well-received Tweets as Graphics :-
  • When you have text that your audience loves, repurpose it for easy engagement. Many popular tweets are stand-alone text quotes.
  • You can pop the tweet text onto a picture and tweet it again.
  • You can also post the image quote on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.
  • After you create an account, choose a template designed to work with a specific social media platform.
  • Then copy and paste the quote into the text box, choose a background, and tweak the image until you like the result.


  1. Turn Stand-out Facebook Posts Into Blog Posts or Videos :-
  • If content marketing is a part of your businesses, coming up with great content ideas can be difficult.
  • Normally the Facebook posts that get the most engagement are longer posts about serious opinions, cited research, or inspiration.
  • If you have a post like that among your top posts, consider writing a blog post that repurposes content from the Facebook post.
  • Turn a written post into a video to help your proven content reach a new audience.
  • Check out this guide on how to create video on a budget if you’re ready to start with video.


  1. Compile Favourite Quotes or Stats Into a Slide Share Presentation :-
  • Slide Share is becoming a social media platform in its own right.
  • To create a great presentation, you need great content.
  • If you already have a list of quotes or statistics that your followers love, all you have to do is put that content into a Slide Share slideshow.
  • Creating a quote presentation is only one of the many uses of Slide Share for business.
  • You could also create a how-to guide or share popular information about your industry.


  1. Pull Popular Tweets into a Twitter Moment :-
  • Twitter Moments is a new feature Twitter launched in October of last, but it only recently became available to everyone. It’s great for telling a story or bringing together awesome content.
  • If you have a set of related top tweets, you can combine and reshare your tweets as a Twitter moment.


Steps to successfully repurpose your content marketing:-

  • Set measurable goals for each major piece of content.
  • Think market segment.
  • Plan content creation in advance.
  • Ensure each reimaged piece of content supports your brand.
  • Make each piece of content easy-to-consume.
  • Optimize repurposed content for search.
  • Distribute your content across appropriate platforms.


So here are the social media platforms and ways repurpose your popular social media posts.

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