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Will Facebook revolutionize online news broadcasting?

Will Facebook revolutionize online

Social media is extremely powerful when Facebook launched its Instant Articles property in the United States on May 12. The feature, which is currently available on the iPhone app, has partnered with nine major publications viz The New York Times, National Geographic, Buzz Feed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild.

The new feature makes the reading experience as much as ten times faster than standard mobile web articles.

Interestingly, this is Facebook’s second campaign into disseminating news content to its users after Facebook Paper. The first product sank without a trace and the team behind Paper came up with Instant Articles.

What does Instant Articles do?

  • Instant Articles helps a user to read a piece from any one of the partnered publishers without leaving the Facebook app on their phone.
  • If a piece from, say The New York Times or Buzz Feed appears on your timeline, Instant Articles helps you to load the content on the same platform without redirecting you to the web.
  • Another feature of Instant Articles is that it is interactive
  • A user will be enabled to auto-play videos as they scroll through a story.
  • Apart from the auto-play feature, they can also view interactive maps, take a closer look at high-res images by simply zooming-in, comment on individual parts in an article, listen to audio captions and so much more!


Why Instant Articles?

  • Facebook said that to load an article on a handheld device, it takes about 8 seconds, which is tad slow.
  • This being the slowest type of content, Instant Articles helps you to load the same article relatively faster.
  • Instant Articles is a product that helps load articles faster than the conventional method appeases everyone; from the publisher to the reader.
  • Instant Articles’ launch and presentation was not smooth, it had its own share of controversies.

Use and Repurpose Live Video Streams in various platforms:-

  • Google+ Hangouts on Air.
  • YouTube live.
  • Facebook live


So Facebook Instant articles will became future technology of Facebook which can use and repurpose live videos streams.

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