Psychological triggers that make people like and share content


How do you get people to like and share your content online? That’s the biggest question, right?

More social interaction equals more traffic. More traffic equals even more social interaction, which leads to even more people linking to your content. That creates a storm of Google-goodness, and that gets you ranked higher in search engines. The snowball of traffic, social interaction and backlinks continues.

Let’s back up. It all starts with getting people to spread content around online, right? How do you get people to like and share your content? What makes readers pull the trigger and decide to put their mark of approval on your article?

Psychological triggers that make people want to like and share content online:-

  1. People want to look good :-
  • Before people hit share, they evaluate a piece of content’s .Witty? Entertaining?
  • Finding something awesome doesn’t make you awesome, but that’s how our brains work. Sharing really interesting things makes us look good.
  • Look for articles with useful information that could make your followers’ lives easier.
  • If they find information that helps them, they might identify friends who could benefit from it too. They’ll tag them or hit share.
  • Also make a point to save articles that are thought-provoking and logical.
  • Sharing intelligent posts makes people feel brainy.


  1. People want to stay connected:-
  • Human beings are social creatures, and we like to interact in group settings.
  • That used to only happen at places like church, school, work, parties, restaurants places you went.
  • Now, with social media, we have that same type of group connectivity all the time.
  • With these online connections, we can’t possibly mingle with everyone in our network like we can at a party so our way of “connecting” with everyone in our group is to like, comment and share their posts.
  • It’s the starting point for understanding why people like and share content.


  1. People Like to Interact in Groups:-
  • Everyone loves the feeling of being “connected,” which makes sense because humans are naturally very social creatures.
  • We would rather be a part of a group of like-minded individuals than to take our journeys alone.
  • The thing is that digital avenues have pushed the envelope when it comes to building connections.
  • The way we connect has changed slightly, because now it’s through a like, comment, or a share.
  • Some people even interact with posts for the sole purpose of being more social.
  • For that reason, we can’t think directly about how we can earn a like or share, but instead focus on how we can help people connect with their friends and family.


It describes why people are inclined to share certain types of content, and lists six internal triggers that encourage people to share. Here are a few of them:-

  1. Social currency.
  2. Emotion.
  3. Practical value.
  4. Storytelling.

Some ways you can develop authority within your content are:-

  • Guest blogging on industry sites with authority
  • Rather than cite someone else’s research, conduct your own
  • Illustrate the value of your content with data to back it up
  • Use an e-book or whitepaper
  • Attend industry events whenever possible
  • Display any industry awards on your site
  • Media references

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