How to discover engaging content to share on social media


Publishing and sharing informative, engaging content can make a positive impact on your social media marketing strategy, giving your social media pages more credibility. However you can stay current with industry trends and increase interaction with your audience.

Having conversations with your audience is probably the best ways to engage content. Finding good content to share with your followers can be a difficult and time-consuming task that can also hinder your other business-related efforts.


Here are ways to discover and share content that will make a mark on your social media marketing:-

  1. Social Media Networks
  • A great way to stay up to date with the social media industry trends is to keep a close eye on your own social media pages.
  • Follow people who belong to your field and pay attention to the type of content they are posting.
  • Twitter is probably the best source for current information on any topic.
  • Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are also great resources to gain information from people who are in your lists, circles, or network.


  1. Content curation tools:-

Content discovery and curation tools are a blessing for anyone who wants their social media pages to be buzzing with activity. Various content curation tools can help you discover and share content.

  • Drump up tool
  • Pocket tool


  1. Newsletters and Blogs:-
  • Content curation tools and social media networks are not your only sources for curating content.
  • Look for industry influencers who maintain a regular blog, and try to source some of your content from their blog posts.
  • You can quote them, or share links to their post… but be sure to include your own commentary to make the post more authentic.
  • By adding your own take, you gain credibility and ensure that your audience will want to read your shared posts.


  1. Your Audience:-
  • At last your audience is likely the best source for content curation.
  • Your followers on Twitter or friends and on Facebook or connections on LinkedIn will have a treasure trove of information to share.
  • You can take inspiration from their comments or replies on discussions that you might have started on your social media pages.
  • If you run a blog, keep a day reserved for guest contributions from your readers or others from your industry. From these posts, you can retain content that you think would appeal to your readership and promote it on your website/blog or social media networks.
  • Also ask your followers to participate in your Twitter chats; you can use their responses to create original content or share their quotes to prove a point.
  • Of course, when you are trying to source content from your audience, you will have to get involved and reply or comment on their posts.
  • By involving your audience, you can boost engagement and discover good content at the same time.


Tools to Help You Discover Great Content to Share:-

  • Search popular shared content.
  • Share great slides.
  • Discover related content.
  • Find interest based content.
  • Generate a prompt.

There are 5 key motivating factors for content sharing:-

  • To entertain, or share valuable information
  • To define their personality
  • To establish relationships
  • To feel involved in the world around them
  • To spread awareness about brands/causes


Create Engaging Content People which we can Share:-

  • Encourage Your Audience to Get Involved.
  • Make It Easy to Share Your Content.
  • Interview Industry Leaders.
  • Make Use of Online Monitoring Tools.
  • Identify Trending Topics.
  • Tackle Controversial Topics.


So here are the various ways to discover social media engagement through content.

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