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How to Create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Business


Why to Build a Pinterest Showcase?

  • Think of the Showcase feature as a unique cover photo for your business’s Pinterest profile.
  • If you pin image or video content to your business’s Pinterest profile or if pin image or video content about your business on Pinterest, you’ll want to build a Pinterest showcase.
  • Your showcase allows you to feature your top content.
  • Showcase the latest trends in your industry and how your products coordinate.
  • Inspire your ideal customers.
  • Select Pinterest business accounts with shoppable pins can create a call to action.

To create Pinterest showcase here are the following steps:-

  • See if You Have the New Pinterest Showcase.
  • Build Your Showcase.
  • Edit your feature boards.

Ways to improve Pinterest marketing:-

  • Build Customer Personas.
  • Serve matching Content.
  • A way to strengthen your brand presence is to vary the types of boards you create.
  • Run a Contest.
  • Share Your Story.
  • Design quality pins.
  • Use humour.
  • Share user generated images.
  • Showcase product.


Unique Ways to Showcase Your Content on Pinterest:-

  • Make an announcement.
  • Use Photos, Videos, and Quotes to Tell a Story.
  • Use visual direct marketing ideas.
  • Make the most visual impact.


The rules of Using Pinterest for Business:-

  1. Planning for pinning success:-
  • Take time to set up your account properly.
  • Use Pinterest business centre.
  • Prepare your blog for pinning.
  • Integrate with other social media platforms.
  • Link Facebook and twitter.
  • Research what your ideal client is pinning.
  1. Check the Source Before You Pin:-
  • Be copyright savy.
  • Check the source of the pin.
  • Add a watermark.
  1. Pin Strategically:-
  • Pin across a range of boards.
  • Follow
  • Add a little richness to your pin.
  • Add web link to your descriptions.
  • Space your pins.
  • Time your pins.
  1. Be Social :-
  • Comment and like.
  • Use name and tag.
  • Track pin from your website.


  1. Produce Visual Content :-
  • Choose great images for your blog.
  • Pin different types of images.
  • Pin slide share presentations.
  • Pin videos.
  • Use image creation tools.
  • Experiment with size.


  1. Promote Creatively:-
  • Use a “Call-to-Action” in your Pins.
  • Use Pinterest to promote a competition.
  • Think outside the square.
  1. Don’t neglect SEO and traffic:-
  • Set your pins up to be noticed.
  • Think in terms of incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Understand Search.
  • Pin original images and content from your website.

Pinterest introduces types of rotating showcase for businesses:-

  • GIF
  • Boards
  • Pins
  • Shop

Tips for Pinterest as a marketing tool:-

  • Pinterest buttons.
  • Create a Pinterest account for business.
  • Optimise your boards.
  • Aim to inspire.
  • Promoted pins.
  • Hold contests.


Hence Pinterest is a very important social media platform for business and marketing.

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