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Driving response through creativity in Email marketing


Email marketing has proven to be an effective form of consumer interaction with brands. 46% of India Marketers surveyed stated email marketing generates 30% or more revenue for them. New and improved methods of engaging customers through live and animation along with personalization and timeliness has further enhanced the effectiveness of email marketing.

One tactic that is making strides is the use of GIFs within emails.  GIFs are eye catching and easy to consume and they also help to create an emotional connection with consumers. Using GIFs draws attention to a certain part of the email and can further bring your products to life by displaying products in motion.

Key components of effective email marketing include:-


  • Cross-selling references chosen selectively based on actual product purchase associations can help drive incremental revenue.


  • Effective mobile rendering, which includes clean, simple creative, is crucial to improve focus and response on mobile devices.
  • Magnify product features with the use of animation within email communications, which can be a strong engagement driver.
  • Personalizing offers based on consumers’ locations and/or interests boosts response, goodwill and retention.


Email marketing continues to grow with immense innovation and creativity creating new possibilities for marketers to deliver personalized and relevant marketing communications to drive business growth.


Tips to Drive Better Email Marketing Performance:-


  • Get Creative with Inactive Users.
  • Simple is Better
  • Be Personal


Ways to Improve Their Email Marketing Campaigns:-


  • Improve Deliverability Rates.
  • Increase Email Click-Through Rates.
  • Encourage the exclusive membership of E- MAIL Marketing.
  • Go Hyper local with Email.
  • Learn about customer behaviour.
  • Conduct surveys.
  • Combine email and social media.
  • Encourage customer engagement.
  • Retarget emails based on site activity.


Creative Email Marketing Campaign Tips:-


  • Facebook Reviews
  • Provocative
  • Scarcity Email
  • Transactional Emails.


Email Marketing Calls-to-Action That Drive Website Traffic:-


  • Use images and link them to your desired URL.
  • Provide easy social sharing options.
  • Encourage readers to forward the email.


Email marketing set the trends in the future social media.

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