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Big Bang of the internet world……SMO continues to expand its reign in accord with SE principles

Connected City Sunrise
Connected City Sunrise

Social Media Optimization can be defined as a tool to optimize websites so that it can be more viable, easily approachable and simplified to other websites and communities online. All you need to do is to broaden your views, by developing and implementing it and then vanquish your obstacles and make a meaningful contribution for all the web users. SMO brings inbound links to your website and so are of great value in promoting your website.
SMO helps you to optimize the web content in different forms: Text, Image, Audio, Video

These web content needs to be distributed using following mediums to gain momentum:
Social Networking
Blog, the most powerful tool for SMO helps to broaden our network bandwidth. Blogs are content published on web (online journals) in reverse chronological order at regular intervals. You can share your personal views related to any topic and also link back to other websites, post comments and feedbacks.
You can subscribe to these blogs using RSS feed. You can build your own blogs, formulate your ideas to express more and then publish your own profile and expand your horizon by linking to friends and communities. MySpace (a blogging platform), the Technorati (blogs search engine), Sneaker play and Indy media are well known players in this field.

Web Feeds (RSS, Atom)
Mash-ups, it is a Web- application that combines useful information and content from different sources into an integrated, more useful piece of information providing more mobility to web players by having access to additional information of real world entities. Web Feed is one way to promote mash-ups. Enjoy the real world video/music on your YouTube (a video blogging platform).
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) syndicates and organize web content in a new RSS format and distribute it as a feed on website as a new content and notify subscribed readers of any new related content that surge, without actually visiting the website.

Bulletin/ Message Boards
Message boards are of great help in optimizing your website as they have helpdesk, discussion forums that are ready round the clock to resolve your problems with their simplest solutions.

• Podcasts
Podcasts are audio-video files on internet that can be made available by subscription to all its users. You can upload as well as download your music tunes, audio and video contents and also produce your own film either on computer or media player. You need to target the right audience so that your audio-video content is distributed globally on all sites supporting these features., is a video podcasting platform.

• Wikis
Wikis commonly known as ‘online encyclopaedia’ is driving SMO with its rapidly expanding community. It is a store house of information satisfying all its visitors and members with its inevitable, indisputable, unique, accurate, rich, updated content and vocabulary. It is right platform to explore and add to your knowledge base as it gives you collective information starting from origin to future prospects. A member of wikis has the right to add and edit information on own.

Social Book Marking
The bottom-line of social book marking is same as social networking, starting from subscription, having personal home page and then expanding your network through friends and contacts, difference lies that here we discuss and focus on particular content. Many book marking sites based on particular theme have placed themselves well on this global stage. Globally sharing bookmark platform
Digg: a news and content sharing platform
Flickr: a photo sharing platform.
Webjay: a music playlist sharing platform
Reddit, Newsvine, StumbleUpon, Ma.gnolia, Yahoo! 360, Squidoo, Wikihow, Frappr, Furl, Wetpaint, 43 Things, Shoutwire, Shadows, Jotspot, BlinkList, etc.

MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game)
Second Life, an online virtual gaming world is best example of MMOG. All brand corporate players are taking interest to play and win the market and accept SMO as their new market strategy.

Search Engines will continue to have their monopoly but there will be a gradual reduction in the numbers of visitors and traffic to the search engines with the penetration of SMO tools in the internet world.

With its deeper impact on this advertising world SMO will conquer and dwell upon the web.

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