What Makes People Unfollow Brands on Social Media


So what makes your customer’s un-follow you on social media? What exactly your customers want? What annoys them and make them turn off? To find out, a survey was conducted of more than 1000 people finding to understand the thoughts on famous brand on social media. The most compelling trend that emerged was worth nothing but to maximize the social media presence of their company.

First off, responses indicated that most brands use social media to over-promote them.

It’s been said that social media is not a broadcasting platform; in spite it is a conversation based platform for two way interaction. Yes, Social media platform gives a massive reach, but you should not ignore the key elements of social media. Paid advertisement is completely different story, but your content should not be over promoting.

Using jargon and slang is other annoying thing – Go check Twitter profile of Brands saying “Bae”- to get in touch with the ‘Millennial’ market. Make your communication style that makes sense for your audience as well as your Brand.

Personality on accounts – Is your profile is just quotes or re-tweets or auto generated messages with no context, how can people expect to align what your business is all about? So, it is very important to specify your purpose and brand mission before building your content for social media.

Trying to be funny – Similar to Jargon, some brands try to be cool kids of class to gain attention. Experimentation is good but maybe, at some stage it won’t work.

These reasons were also reinforced when looking at why people un-follow brands.

And worth noting, ‘Information not relevant’ was one of the main issues. It is good to entertain people that why should you follow some brand but then the message should be relevant.

Research also found that the majority of people preferred to buy from a brand they followed on social media.

With more and more people being active on social media, it has become a key channel or a key element for purchase process.

The findings reinforce the playbook for content – provide your audience with contextually relevant, entertaining content, along with some promotions and special offers, and they’ll be increasingly likely to buy from you. The challenge, of course, lies in community understanding, in ensuring you’re delivering content that is relevant and that helps reinforce your brand.

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    hello, from all your reasons i came to one conclusion that communication style and irrelevant content is the reason people unfollow the most. i guess that’s why we say “content is the king”.

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