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New Camera Features Whatsapp


Today, whatsapp has launched a complete new way to customize and enhance your photos and videos that you share with friends and family. With this new camera feature in whatsapp, you can write or draw on your photos and videos, as well as you can add emoji – just a way to express yourself.

When you capture photo or video or share something that is already of history, you will see the editing tools automatically. You can draw a big heart to show how much you love someone or add your favourite emoji – sometime an image is really worth to express. Try text too, and change the font stle and colour as well.

Adding to this, whatsapp has also added zooming feature for video by sliding up and down and double tap to switch between front camera and rear camera.

The new feature of whatsapp camera will be out on android today and iphone soon hoping you enjoy these blasting new features when you share your next photo and video.

These new camera features will be rolling out on Android phones starting today and on iPhone soon. We hope you enjoy these new features when you share your next photo or video.

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